What Couples Say

“We came as individuals, Marriage Enrichment made us a team again.”

“It was a new beginning for us.”

“We came because we thought we needed a new spark, but found we needed a complete overhaul.”

“I was relieved to find out that other couples face the same challenges.”

“We found the love we had misplaced."

”Marriage Enrichment brought us closer to Christ and to each other.”



In marriage, spouses are called upon to love and serve each other, and as a married couple they are called upon to minister to their family, community and society at large.  In a Christian marriage, this approach to service is based on the concept of servant-leadership.  This is the form of leadership that Christ set in His example of love and service to mankind.  Servant-leadership is an underlying theme for this ministry.  Couples not only enrich their marriages, but go beyond and develop leadership talents that help them serve others.  It is through this means that people’s lives, marriages, families, and communities become centered on God.


Leadership Commitment

Each person in a leadership position makes a commitment to study and understand the ministry guidelines.  They complete a Ministry Leadership form in order to be formally designated as a ministry leader.  A copy of this form is in the Materials/Forms section.





Each team couple/member is responsible for the specific task(s) they are assigned for a program presentation.  Their specific duties and responsibilities are outlined in the appropriate program books.  They should have copies of those publications, and work following the direction and guidance of the leaders and co-leaders.

Team Leaders and Co-Leaders

The leaders and co-leaders have responsibility for the program presentation they are assigned.  They work with the Parish/Congregation Steering Committee in planning the presentation.  More information is available by clicking on Leaders and Co-leaders.

More on Leaders and Co-leaders

Parish/Congregation Steering Committee

A steering committee is formed within a sponsoring parish/congregation to coordinate ministry activities within the church.  The steering committee provides for orderly growth, continuity and stability of the program(s).  They ensure that ministry guidelines are followed.  More information is available by clicking on Steering Committees.

More on Steering Committees

Regional Advisory Council

This is an advisory group to the Board.  Council members support and coordinate ministry activities within specific regions/areas. Their responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate ministry activities in their region.
  • Interface with church steering committees.
  • Help establish steering committees.
  • Provide support and guidance for program presentations.
  • Assist with training.
  • Create an inter-parochial and inter-denominational spirit.
  • Promote unity-of-purpose, ministry growth, and servant-leadership
  • Ensure that ministry guidelines are followed.
  • Interface with the Board.

Regional Coordinating Group

A coordinating group can be formed in a specific region/area to work with the Regional Advisory Council member/couple.  This group helps coordinate and support ministry activities.

Ministry Committees

These committees support and carry out specific activities, functions, or projects.  They work in conjunction with the Board to provide centralized coordination for the ministry.

Board of Directors

The Board has responsibility for the entire ministry.

  • Manage the Corporation.
  • Establish policies, goals, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Ensure that corporate requirements (legal, financial, insurance, etc.) are met.
  • Strategic planning and implemention.
  • Resolve issues and enforcing regulations.
  • Represent all phases of the ministry to other persons, groups and organizations.
  • Direct and coordinate growth of the ministry.
  • Appoint the Regional Advisory Council, Regional Coordinating Groups, and ministry committees.


Leadership Development and Training

The servant-leadership approach used in this ministry places emphasis on on-the-job training.  All persons involved obtain the training they need for personal growth and development, and provide for the training that others need for developing their skills.  This development and training involves:

  • Accept the program as it is.
  • Be open to new ideas.
  • Study the ministry.
  • Learn via the process of on-the-job training.
  • Pray for guidance.


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