What Couples Say

“We came as individuals, Marriage Enrichment made us a team again.”

“It was a new beginning for us.”

“We came because we thought we needed a new spark, but found we needed a complete overhaul.”

“I was relieved to find out that other couples face the same challenges.”

“We found the love we had misplaced."

”Marriage Enrichment brought us closer to Christ and to each other.”



The cost to attend the program for both participants and team is to be no more than required to cover expenses (meals, decorations, mailings, materials, and program).  The suggested donation for a Weekend is about $30 to $40 per couple.  It is less for the other programs because of reduced meal expenses.  In some cases a set fee is charged at the time of registration.  In other cases, participants are asked to make a contribution at the closing of the program.  No one should be turned away because of inability to contribute financially.


Church Sponsor

The sponsoring parish/congregation is responsible for covering the expenses of presenting the program.  The goal is to break even.  The donations from the participants usually cover these expenses. If they do not, the church should be willing to subsidize the program to the extent of paying for expenses not covered by the contributions.  The entire church community benefits from the program.

Many parishes/congregations obtain donations from businesses and individuals to help cover expenses and minimize the cost to the participants.  This creates support within the community for the program and makes the program available to more people.


Starting the Program

A sponsoring parish/congregation and the program presentation team need to purchase the materials needed to start the program (please see the Materials Section) and/or the ministry office.  These materials include ministry and program books, videos, brochures, participant books, and prayer ritual books.  Each team couple/member should have a program book for their permanent retention.


After Each Program Presentation

A Program Sponship Fee of $150 is requested for each Weekend program presentation from parishes and other church congregations outside the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.  This helps maintain a viable ministry and  provide new and updated materials.  (Please see the Sponsoship / Program Fee Secton.)


Maintaining the Program

Sponsoring parishes/congregations should replenish materials for teams and program presentations as needed, and as updated materials become available.  The materials are updated every several years sine since the ministry continues to evolve.

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