What Couples Say

“We came as individuals, Marriage Enrichment made us a team again.”

“It was a new beginning for us.”

“We came because we thought we needed a new spark, but found we needed a complete overhaul.”

“I was relieved to find out that other couples face the same challenges.”

“We found the love we had misplaced."

”Marriage Enrichment brought us closer to Christ and to each other.”


The purpose of this ministry is to strengthen and enrich the relationship between a man, a woman and God during the couple’s marriage journey through the Sacrament of Marriage.   This is accomplished through a set of parish-based programs for married couples, engaged couples, and youth.  The programs' marriage formation processes start with self and then progress to include spouse, family and community, with God as an integral part of all relationships.



What Couples Learn About

  • God's Plan for Marriage
  • Man/Woman/God in Marriage
  • Understanding of Self
  • Marriage Partner
  • Communication
  • Problem Marriages
  • Love and Sex
  • Challenges in Marriage
  • Children/Family/Relatives
  • Joys of Marriage
  • Christian Marriage
  • Marriage in the Community
  • Growth with God in Marriage

What Couples Enjoy

  • Videos
  • Music, Meditation, and Prayer
  • Agape Celebration
  • Engaged-Couple Commitment
  • Married-Couple Commitment
  • Family Commitment


What Youth Learn About

  • Vocations in Life
  • The World of Dating
  • Sex and Sexuality
  • Challenges in Dating
  • Marriage as a Vocation
  • Walking with God in Life’s Journey

What Youth Enjoy

  • Action Exercises
  • Videos
  • Music and Prayer
  • Setting Goals for Life’s Journey
  • Youth Commitment

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