What Couples Say

“We came as individuals, Marriage Enrichment made us a team again.”

“It was a new beginning for us.”

“We came because we thought we needed a new spark, but found we needed a complete overhaul.”

“I was relieved to find out that other couples face the same challenges.”

“We found the love we had misplaced."

Welcome to the Marriage Enrichment Programs Archdiocese of Santa Fe

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Our Mission

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe Marriage Enrichment Ministry honors Christ's love by strengthening and enriching the relationship between a man, a woman and God during the couple's marriage journey through the parish faith community and the Sacrament of Marriage.  This is accomplished through a set of parish-based programs that nourish commitment, develop couple leadership, and provide mutual support.  Couples become signs of Christ's love to each other and the community - one inspirational story, one expression of faith, and one grace filled moment at a time.

"We are excited to announce our updated Marriage Enrichment publications!
New layout and color graphics but same trusted content;
Marriage Enrichment Weekend program.
Celebrations of Marriage program,
Marriage Enrichment Journey (Due out Fall 2017)
Marriage Enrichment Experience Program. (Due out Fall 2017)
These are available in English.
We invite you to order these publications to update your parish programs"

Celebrating 42 years with seven marriage programs that cover the marriage journey.  Over 26,000 couples have participated in over 1,400 program presentations, in over 122 parishes and congregations.  Available in English and Spanish.

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